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Romantic Engagement Photos │Photography tips for the Couple

How Do You Get Great Romantic Engagement Photos?

Romance is a very hard thing to capture for a photographer, the few ideas here can help. Above all else you have to act natural, don’t focus on the camera, focus on your fiance and think about how happy you are with him or her. But smiling makes it playful, so you want to be at happy medium between smiling and no expression, its more of a smile with just your eyes. Follow these quick tips and you’ll be well on your way to making romantic engagement photos.

One way to look natural is to keep relaxed hands when you drape them over your partner etc. Awkward or tense hands is the #1 way to make a photo not look natural.

It’s not always good to have your eyes open, when you close them, its as if you two are sharing a moment. (see above)

Remember a “romantic photo” instantly disappears when you look at the camera.

Location is important as well another requirement for a romantic photo is that there should be no other people present, though shooting with a long (zoom) lens is a great way to do this in a somewhat crowded area.

Kissing Tips for Romantic Engagement Photos

romantic engagement photo ideas The best photos are taken the instant before your lips actually touch, so take it slow and linger at that moment for awhile.

You don’t want to smile, once again this makes the photo more playful than romantic, keep your face and lips relaxed

Try not to tilt your head too much, so the photographer can get a view of both your faces from the side, it may seem a little odd at first but the photos will be well worth a couple of squashed noses.

Great Poses for Romantic Engagement Photos

Dips these can be a bit tricky to learn, it may be worth your while to practice if front of a mirror over carpet to get these down just right. Here is an decent resource for learning to dip.

Sitting down in the grass, Generally the girl in front sitting in a relaxed comfortable way.

Most any pose for it to have romantic engagement photo elements will need some sort of interaction between you two and eyes closed and/or pointed away from the camera.

Best Lighting and Time

In Bellingham we have been “blessed” with being the most cloudy place in the US if its not raining this is actually great for photography all day long! But if it is in fact a sunny day, during the day is good generally in the shade, it can be tricky but not impossible to get great photos outside at in direct sunlight even at noon. But the most ideal time is near sunset it is referred to as the magic hour, it is the time an hour before sunset. it is also a great time to get silhouette shots. So when planning a time for photography keep these factors in mind. One more thing to think about if you are planning to take photos in the woods it is best to do it in the evening so the sun isn’t making harsh white spots in the photos as it shines strait down through the leaves.

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