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Creative Wedding Ideas

Creative Wedding Ideas

Here are a bunch of creative ideas for your wedding, I am constantly adding to the list of ideas, as i take photos of more and more weddings. I also appreciate input on helping this list grow.










If it rains on your wedding day, collect it and keep it in a fancy bottle.

Wedding rain bottles Creative Wedding Ideas

Guest signing stones, instead of a traditional guest book.

Creative guest book Wedding Ideas

Paper flowers. Look up directions online on how to make them, but don’t just use plane white paper use text. Maybe even print off a ton of poetry on them.

Wedding paper flowers Creative Wedding Ideas

A bubble send off. If its at night use sparklers. Be sure to warn your photographer in advance this happens quick and can easily be missed. Not to mention camera settings need to be changed and maybe a little set up as well. Because its hard to focus through bubbles, and sparklers are tricky and may require a tripod and a flash.

Wedding bubble exit Creative Wedding Ideas

A fancy flowered isle

Fancy wedding flowered isle Creative Wedding Ideas

The Wedding party app. This is a free mobile app for iPhone and Android. It allows your friends to upload all their photos of you two in on place, and share seamlessly via their phone or computer. Photos are chronological so there is a timeline of photos from the engagement to the wedding day.

wedding photography app Creative Wedding Ideas

They each held a shoe, one from him and one from her. Their friends asked them questions like “who is the better looking” or “who is most likely to…” and without seeing eachother held up the “proper” shoe. Its best played asking questions that will get him in trouble. 🙂

Wedding shoe game Creative Wedding Ideas

Beautiful custom sand mixing jar. This is one of my favorite things couples do for their wedding. Its symbolic because, the sand can never be unmixed. And their vows can never be unspoken.

Creative Wedding Ideas Sand mixing ceremony

Here is a bunch of popsical sticks with date ideas for the bride and groom.

Wedding idea Popsicle stick dates Creative Wedding Ideas

Trash the dress, because when will you ever wear it again?

Trash the dress Creative Wedding Ideas