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      Bellingham Wedding Photographer – Genaro Photography

      Our Purpose

      We are here because we love weddings and photography. We challenge the status quo and raise the bar in the industry and always deliver better than expected. We make you feel special and capture your beauty and emotion to artistically tell your story on your wedding day. We create photos you can treasure because that is rewarding for us and our brides.

      Your Wedding

      At Genaro Photography we never forget that this is someone’s special day. It’s one of the four big milestones in life and probably the biggest and most expensive party a person will ever throw. It has deep meaning to them and defines a large part of the rest of their lives. They have been obsessed with this day for at least months. And it is us who will be the only professional wedding photographers to capture the memory.

      We take pride in our work, and they best compliment we could ever receive is a bride thanking us for doing a wonderful job.

      Sunset Wedding Photographer

      We absolutely love sunset time, in fact we demand it, when possible. We take our couples on short romantic sunset walks on their wedding day, and we end up with most of the photos you see in our portfolio. It’s a magical time for photography and will really make your photos stand out.

      Bellingham Wedding Photography by Bellingham Wedding Photographer, Genaro Shaffer

      Genaro Photography specializes in Wedding Photography in Bellingham Seattle, Ferndale, Lynden, Mount Vernon, Marysville, Bellevue the San Juans islands and more.


      Bellingham wedding photographer Genaro Shaffer offers Bellingham brides the very best in Bellingham wedding photography.

      Are you getting married in Bellingham? Who will be your Bellingham wedding photographer?

      When looking into Bellingham wedding photographers you should consider the following. When selecting a Bellingham wedding photographer you are selecting more than just a photographer for your wedding day. You are hiring a wedding photographer that will take your wedding photos, and how important is to you that they do a good job? Therefor you must look at photographers that will perform the following:


      Scout the area before the big day and develop a photography plan.

      Research what other photographers have done in that location, to see if I can improve my photography plan.

      if possible I will be at your rehearsal to further enhance my photography plan.


      Top grade state of the art professional equipment.

      Backup equipment (cameras, lenses, hard drives, etc.) is kept at great expense to insure nothing will go wrong with your photos.

      Studio flash to improve lighting and make your photos much better may be used depending on lighting situation.


      Liability & equipment insurance

      Second shooter (more moments captured).

      Get all your photos on a disk and you retain the rights to print as much as you please.

      I always include at least 50 free 4X6 prints as a special gift.

      All photos are edited to look beautiful – we want you to look your best.

      See your photos on Facebook early.

      Creative HDR photos and, if possible, light painting.

      Forever disk – the only safe way to keep your wedding photos forever.

      Beautiful wedding albums

      While price can be a factor when selecting your Bellingham wedding photographer, it should not be the only thing that matters. All too often we hear horror stories from brides who made a decision for their wedding photography based purely on price. Don’t let this foolish mistake happen to you. After your big day, the memories are going to be preserved by the quality of work your Bellingham wedding photographer produces.

      How will your wedding images be given to you? Most brides love to receive beautifully designed wedding albums. Don’t underestimate the importance of a wedding album from your wedding day. This is your first family heirloom and your one keepsake you will have forever to remember your Bellingham wedding.

      When selecting a Bellingham wedding photographer something often overlooked when selecting a Bellingham wedding photographer is how many Bellingham wedding photographers will be at your event? Most events need at least two wedding photographers. This ensures that your wedding photographer is focused on your wedding and not setting up lights and shots or running to the car to grab something. That is the job of the second wedding photographer.

      We find that by having two Bellingham wedding photographers at your event, your wedding photography needs can best be met all while ensuring that nothing gets missed from your big day.

      Genaro Photography is a Bellingham wedding photographer based in Bellingham, WA offering wedding photography in the Northwest and destinations worldwide.

      For more information about this Bellingham wedding photographer, please visit or call 360-389-6616